“At Addiction Labs, testing that we use is the most sophisticated, highest level of sensitivity that we can possibly achieve”

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Depend on us for excellence

Addiction Labs is a high technology laboratory catering to the unique testing and monitoring challenges of addiction treatment. We deliver excellence across all measures of service, speed, and accuracy.

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Individualized care

We provide adaptable client profiling with individualized services for each client. That means you receive customized reports supporting targeted treatment. We strive to get dependable, actionable results to you when you need them.

Because we care, our services reflect:

  • Precise, high-end instrumentation
  • Pioneering research
  • Proprietary technology
  • Decades of expertise

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Rapid Turnaround

Addiction Labs’ premium services give you dependability, flexibility, and accuracy, all within turnaround times that lead the industry.

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All your essentials in a lab

“Our goal is to provide you a higher level of personalized laboratory service so you can better serve your patients.”

Dr. Howard Taylor, Toxicologist/Lab Director