A Premium Toxicology Lab Specializing in Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health Treatment.

Addiction Labs was purpose built in 2013 solely focused on supporting the unique needs of Substance Abuse and Mental Health facilities nationwide. We recognize that Substance Abuse and Mental Health are subspecialties which have often been supported as an afterthought to existing laboratory service providers and historically, diagnostics in SUD were focused on compliance to urine drug testing.

Great strides in innovation for addiction treatment have begun to mold protocols and mindsets of how professionals approach this chronic disease; dual diagnosis is now common practice, in 2011 ASAM recognized addiction as a disease of the brain and many payers are now contracting with facilities nationwide for better patient coverage and care access. Addiction Labs keeps our partners at the forefront of clinical excellence with our deep expertise, agile operations, and precise, high-end technology that translate to more reliable, insightful, and personalized solutions.

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