Does Your Toxicology Lab Specialize in Substance Use Disorder?

Purpose built to meet the unique needs of addiction treatment. We offer the most comprehensive, addiction treatment focused Toxicology testing menu comprised of 28 Drug Classes with over 190 Drugs.


Addiction Treatment Focused Menu

Designer Stimulants: Bath Salts
Marketed as safe or natural, Bath Salts carry a high risk for fatal overdose and psychotic behavior. Up to 40% of those requiring treatment for bath salt abuse, suffered psychotic symptoms including harm to themselves or others.

Kratom (Mitragynine) is a botanical product with psychotropic opioid-like effects that is currently not scheduled by the DEA, but is illegal in several states. Due to health risks, the FDA has concerns with use as a dietary supplement and in November 2017, the FDA identified serious side effects (including death) associated with the use of mitragynine in the United States. The DEA listed Kratom as one of its newest Drugs and Chemicals of Concern.

41 Fentanyl Analogs
Offering one of the largest Fentanyl menus with 41 different analogs which often identify unexpected Fentanyl derivatives laced in abused substances like heroin and opioids.

Synthetic Cannabinoids: K2/Spice
This is one of the most common illegal drugs among American teenagers with rising prevalence of 3.7 % of 12th graders in 2017. Addiction Labs offer over 50 of the most popular Synthetic Cannabinoid derivatives.

Why Addiction Labs UDT?

  • Quality results
    • Specimen Validity Testing (pH, Creatinine, and Oxidants)
    • Creatinine Adjusted Values
    • High Sensitivity – LC/MS by Time of Flight
    • Robotic Specimen Handlers for Rapid TAT
    • Laboratory Staff – Licensed Medical Technologists
  • Cost Effective Care
    • Guideline Driven Reflex and Customized Testing
    • Reducing Operational Complexity
    • Reduce ADR’s With Full Understanding to Patient Medications
  • Decision Support for Customized Treatment Planning
    • Full Diagnostic Assessment Within 48 Hour From Intake
    • Patient Result Trends
    • Expertise to Elevate Your Treatment Programs
    • Clinically Actionable and Concise Reporting