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Addiction Labs is the specialist for addiction treatment professionals committed to better outcomes. Substance use treatment providers are facing new pressure to improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. Addiction Labs supports its partners through this journey by providing integrative healthcare for all patients.


Hormone Testing
Infectious Disease

Comprehensive Medical Screening

  • Addiction impacts the whole body
    • All other areas of healthcare address diseases according to
      their entire impact on the patient, shouldn’t the disease of
      addiction be the same?
    • Addiction treatment is often the first line of medical care in
      relevant/recent patient medical history – CATCH IT EARLY.
    • Leaders in addiction treatment are breaking down the silo
      between substance abuse treatment and general health care
co-occuring disorders

Major insurers are promoting high quality behavioral-addiction-medical integrative care as they move toward VBR models.

  • An estimated $38-68 billion can potentially be saved annually through effective integration of medical and behavioral services.
  • These cost savings represent 16%-28% of all spending for MH/SUD services.

Value Based Care

  • Actionable data and quality testing for improved clinical outcomes and reduced healthcare spend
  • Cost effective care
    • Guideline driven reflex and customized testing
    • Reducing operational complexity
    • One patient, one lab order, one result
    • MAT: Right medication and right dose earlier in treatment
  • Build your referral network while enhancing patient care
    • Leaders in addiction treatment are breaking down the silo between substance abuse treatment and general health care delivery
  • Powerful reporting made easy
    • Patient result trends
    • Peer comparisons between physicians and facilities
    • Outlier Reporting

Care Gaps: Diagnostic Testing in Addiction Treatment

  • Menu needs to be more specific & responsive to the market
  • Full diagnostic assessment 48 hrs from intake: 24hr TAT
  • False +/- are detrimental to treatment progress
  • On site research and development team
  • Urine specimen type for all toxicology
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